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News & Highlights
Aug 2015
  AHP Community Health Day

Chronic diseases and cancer are escalating health issues in Singapore. 1 in 4 adults suffer from hypertension. 1 in 3 Singaporeans die from cancer. 33 persons are diagnosed with cancer daily. 1 in 5 adults have high cholesterol problem. 11% of adults have diabetes. Our ageing population coupled with unhealthy lifestyle habits eg sedentary lifestyle and eating habits are contributing factors towards rising incidence of chronic diseases. The risk of getting hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol and cancer increases with age. Early detection and appropriate intervention are key to prevent complications arising from these diseases and to reduce healthcare costs as well as pain and suffering.

Asia HealthPartners is one of the participating clinics in the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS). We believe in doing our part for the society. It is with this mission that we have organised a Community Health Day to cater to people from all walks of life. We hope that the participants will be able to benefit from the free health screening tests and gain knowledge about common medical conditions.

Asia Healthpartners Community Health Day was held at our medical centre in Lucky Plaza on 1st August 2015. We were happy to have the support of our neighbours – Hearing Partners, A.I.M Therapy as well as Heritage TCM Clinic.

It was a wet cool Saturday morning – the perfect weather to be snug as a bug under the warm cozy blanket. But we were deeply encouraged by the strong turnout of participants. A long orderly queue was formed outside our medical centre before our opening hours.

Upon registration, participants were given a goodie bag as well as "AHP passport to good health".

They were then free to take part in free and heavily subsidized activities. Blood pressure monitoring was done for detection of hypertension. Tonometry test was done for detection of glaucoma (a condition that can lead to blindness if untreated). Electrocardiogram was done for assessment of heart disease.

Otoscopy was done by Hearing Partners to check for any ear conditions that can impair hearing.

Breast examination was done by our family physician, Dr Chong Yeang Chern. The purpose was for detection of breast lumps. Advice regarding further evaluation using mammogram and ultrasound was given for participants with breast lumps detected. "All ladies between 40 to 50 years of age should do mammogram yearly. Ladies above 50 years of age should do mammogram once in 2 years. If your breasts are lumpy in nature, ultrasound is recommended together with mammogram for a more comprehensive assessment of the breasts" quoted Dr Chong.

Besides education about breast cancer, Dr Chong also provided information about cervical cancer and prevention of cervical cancer using HPV Vaccine. "HPV vaccination is recommended for ladies above 9 years of age for prevention of cervical cancer. All ladies who have had sexual intercourse before should do regular PAP smear for early detection of cervical cancer". Besides vaccination and above checks, we also provided general blood tests for participants.

We also had health education booths for participants to learn more about hypertension, heart disease, glaucoma, cervical cancer as well as breast cancer screening. We know that - All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Hence we had a photo booth whereby participants can pamper themselves with selfies. Feedback from the participants revealed that they enjoyed the event.

Participants with abnormal findings noted in the results are advised to seek medical attention with a doctor. For those who would like to followup at our medical centre, please call us at 62357888 for appointment.
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Jul 2014
  Ladies - Look Good, Feel Better Workshop

Being a woman does not automatically make one a lady. Ladies are not born, they are made. To be a lady, it is vital to develop the mind, body and spirit. We need to understand our bodies, learn how to build a healthy body and realize our own unique beauty. We need to build confidence, let our inner & outer beauty shine and develop poise, posture and presence.

It is with this mission that Asia Healthpartners decided to organise “Ladies – Look Good Feel Better Workshop”, in collaboration with Big is Gorgeous, Runway Concepts, Kangen Water, Prudential, GSK, Bayer and Pathlab.

The workshop was conducted at Asia Healthpartners Seminar Room on 5 July 2014 Saturday afternoon. All participants received a goodie bag inclusive of products as well as vouchers.

Our first speaker of the workshop was Dr Chong Yeang Chern, Wellness Physician Asia Healthpartners. Her topic – Listen to your Cycle – was catered to ladies in all age groups. In her 16 years of medical practice, she had encountered many ladies with concerns about their menstruation cycle. Hence she commenced her talk with teaching the audience about definition of normal menses.

Dr Chong also spoke about causes of heavy frequent painful menses, such as uterine fibroids, ovary cyst, endometriosis, as well as serious causes – womb and ovary cancer. She elaborated about screening and confirmatory tests for example blood test for cancer marker, ultrasound pelvis and dilatation and curettage. Treatment options available were also discussed in depth.

Causes and management of irregular menses such as polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid problem, pituitary prolactinoma and menopause were also touched upon. Last but not least, the problem of bleeding after sexual intercourse was also discussed. This should not be neglected as cervical cancer can be one of the possible causes. Dr Chong also emphasized the importance of regular PAP smear / Thin Prep for screening of cervical cancer as well as HPV vaccine for prevention of cervical cancer. She did a demonstration of how the process of PAP smear is carried out during the health screening process. We could see that the audience were really hungry for knowledge.

The next topic of the workshop was “Change your water ... Change your life” by Jane from Kangen Water. Live demo about the benefits of Kangen water was done. The audience learnt about the oxidative reduction potential of different types of water, the acidity and alkalinity of water as well as microclustering ability of water. Take home point – soft drinks, being acidic and oxidative, are bad for health.

The next 2 presenters really created a lively mood among the audience. Nixem from Runway Concepts shared with the audience on the importance of confidence in our daily living. He sashayed down the green runway in his killer heels with poise and confidence. He shared with everyone the basic catwalk routine of pivots and turns as well as the importance of walking and sitting posture.

Sharmilah, Chief editor of Big is Gorgeous, makeup artist, conducted a crash course in eye makeup in 15 minutes. It was refreshing to see the transformation of a lady with the use of simple eye makeup, a feat that Sharmilah can accomplish in a moving vehicle. Her topic title – “Let your eyes do the talking” cannot be more apt! We can definitely appreciate the power of eye makeup in bringing out the self-esteem and inner radiance of a lady. Hopefully this will help ladies in both social and corporate settings.

After all the fun segments, it is time to acquire more serious knowledge – knowledge that we need to equip ourselves so that we can support ourselves and our families in times of ill health. Sabrina, Executive Financial Consultant from Prudential gave an illustration about how a young lady with cervical cancer with insurance policy received pay outs due to cervical cancer. She also elaborated about lady insurance policy plan, benefits such as lump sum pay outs as well as comprehensive female health screening every 2 years. The comprehensive health screening plan can be done at Asia Healthpartners, one of the healthcare providers for Prudential.

Other activities of the workshop included lucky draw dip as well as high tea buffet. Onsite HPV vaccination as well as blood test for cancer markers & fertility were also conducted for interested participants.

Asia Healthpartners would like to take the opportunity to thank our partners as well as loyal customers / patients for making this event a successful one.

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May 2014

Cancer is the top cause of death in Singapore, accounting for 30% of total deaths in 2011. This means that 1 in 3 of us will suffer from cancer eventually in our lifetime. Hence it is of utmost importance that we take good care of ourselves so that we can prevent cancer or detect cancer at a much earlier stage. Early detection means treatment will involve higher success rate, lower cost and lesser pain and suffering. We, at Asia Healthpartners believe that health screening together with early intervention, lifestyle modifications and vaccinations will be able to achieve the aim of good health for the general population.

The Cancer and Prevention seminar, held on 24 May 2014, was organised by Prudential with the mission to increase awareness about cancer and importance of early detection and types of health coverage available. Asia Healthpartners is honoured to be the chosen healthcare provider for the seminar.

The pre-event activity included blood pressure measurement for all participants. Participants were informed about their blood pressure readings and whether any follow-up action was required.

The opening speech was done by the Chief Executive Officer at Prudential Assurance Company, Mr Tomas Urbanec.

This was then followed by a talk on Cancer & Prevention by our wellness physician, Dr Chong Yeang Chern. She gave an outline on top cancers in Singapore which included breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, womb cancer, ovary cancer, ovary cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer. For each cancer, the warning signs and symptoms, risk factors as well as recommended screening tests were shared with the audience. New technology included FDA approved blood test for Circulating Tumor Cells – highly recommended for breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. Furthermore, cancer prevention strategies in terms of lifestyle changes as well as vaccinations were taught. Dr Chong reinforced the role of hepatitis B vaccination for liver cancer prevention and HPV vaccination for cervical cancer prevention. Regular comprehensive health screening is also advisable. The importance of mammogram, PAP smear as well as stool occult blood test was emphasized.

The next part of the seminar included an account by a breast cancer survivor about her experience, illustrating how cancer can affect anyone.

Feedback from the audience revealed that they have learnt a lot from the seminar – about cancer as well as health insurance plans.

Take charge of your health today! Small changes in your life can make a big difference.

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December 2012
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